Welcome to Stringer for web and mobile. Created by the developers of the Windows version being used at one of the Grand Slams today and for the last 10 years and previously by Tecnifibre at the French Open

Stringer is designed to help manage stringing records and will work on different platforms PC, mac, mobile, tablet etc allowing you to input information wherever you are. Some of the main features are:

Pre-populated with the most common Maintain player details Load players from file Maintain restring details for a player Text and email notifications Maintain lists of 1 or more stringers Maintain lists of 1 or more stringing machines Allocate stringers to stringing machines per venue Maintain venues Maintain products and product categories Player orders Maintain custom list values Collaboration Reporting Label printing

This version Stringer should contain the majority of features you will need however we have a number of improvements in the pipeline which will be incorporated at no extra cost. These include:

If you have any ideas for improvements please email us at info@stationit.com and we may be able to incorporate them